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My full name is Jonny Page. I'm currently living in East Yorkshire, about 10 minutes from Hull and about 40 minutes from Leeds. I started this blog in the month of November 2014. At the moment, I am currently doing my final year of college studying Interactive Media Level 3 and I am hoping to go to university next year to study Music Journalism. Hopefully then, due everything goes accordingly, to go on to be a Music Journalist. 

My love of writing started when I first started learning English in primary school, I always enjoyed writing poetry and stories, and I still do. However, my passion for writing started when I entered year 9 (which will have been when I was 13-14 years of age). I thank my English teacher of the time for flaring my passion for writing, and fabricating my admiration of the subject. As without her enthusiasm, I wouldn't have a clue what I would have ended up wanting to do with my life. Of course, there are other people to thank. Although my teacher at the time started my love of writing, my teachers from then on in the subject also inspired me to go on further. Possibly, if any of my other subject teachers had the enthusiasm for their subject my English teachers had all seemed to have, I may have swayed down a different path.

As a music lover myself I enjoy reading about other people's opinions on music and I religiously read NME. The only thing with NME though is a lot of it seems quite forced and seems like a lot of it is what they have to write, not what they want to. That brings me to my point of this paragraph which is that I admire and enjoy independent music blogs. They feel much more of an opinion, rather than just advertising which I feel connects with readers a lot more and so I thought I'd try my hand at one myself. 

So, with this paragraph to conclude my bio, I've started this blog in the process of going to university to try and get some experience, but also to put my writing into practice. I hope you enjoy the blog and I will get posts up as often as possible.

Thanks for reading,
Jonny Page
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