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On Tuesday the 24th of February 2015, I caught up with a slightly inebriated Hull psychedelic rock band, Baby Tooth. Baby Tooth had just finished their set at The Sesh which takes place at The Polar Bear where they were playing alongside Mother and Ming City Rockers.

They were all still full of post gig energy and so I got the pleasure of interviewing a very enthusiastic Baby Tooth and found out some very interesting things.  

Interview Starts:

To start off, what are your names and what do you do in the band?

Bobbie: Bob The Bell and I play bass.

Czapla: Czapla and I'm lead guitarist.

Bobbie: Czapla Chaplin!

Gee: My names Gee and I play guitar and I'm lead singer.

Danny: I'm Danny Cook and I play drums.

How did the formation of Baby Tooth come around? 

Danny: It happened in School.

Czapla: We were all good friends in school.

Bobbie: We all hung out a lot at school -

Gee:                                                                - We attended a few swinger sessions; basically I f*cked all these missus'.

So after meeting, how did you all come up with the idea to form a band? 

Bobbie: We wanted to do something that we all enjoyed and that ended up being music. When we started playing together we decided to form the band because we enjoyed doing it, once we started playing gigs and stuff it's made us feel like we want people to enjoy listening to our music as much as we enjoy playing it and we hope it comes across that way.

Since being friends before you formed, do you think this has helped you bond as a band?

Bobbie: definitely, I think that if everyone got puts in bands with the best this and the best that, I think it's b*llocks as you'll never be able to rock out as good as you will while playing alongside your mates, even if you are the best.

What do you think the best thing about being a band in Hull is?

Danny: Adelphi, it brings so many opportunities for bands starting out in Hull. Hull has such a big music scene it's unreal. 

You're genre is a difficult genre to define so for people that haven't heard you, describe you're genre in three words.

Gee: Crazy as sh*t.

Bobbie: F*cking Naughty...and full stop if that counts as a word? I didn't pass English, got a B in French and failed English, work that one out. 

Czapla: Here's a word that came straight from Bobby The Bell one time, it is two words though...erotic activists.

Bobbie: The erotic activists, three words!

Danny: Wait, what was the question again? 

Describe you're genre in three words.

Danny: Uppers, downers and psychedelics.

Gee: F*ck sake! That's four words man!

Bobbie: Alright, one more go...the erotic activists!

Czapla: I've already said that...

Bobbie: oh f*ck. Just ask the next question.

Thinking about you're individual influences, what are the top two band that have influenced you each the most?

Bobbie: The Doors and Nirvana.

Czapla: Baby Tooth...and Baby Tooth.

Danny: Foo Fighters and Green Day.

Gee: Jimi Hendrix and Queens Of The Stone Age. 

Was it always decided that you were going to be this sort of genre or have you developed from a different genre? 

Gee: We all listen to different genres.

Czapla: We're all into the same sort of music too though, but we all have different influences from different styles, but it works together to create the sound we have now.

Danny: We're lucky because we do all connect with our genres we all listen too, one minute...(lights cigarette) which is your Grunge and your Psychedelic rock so we all connect with that. 

Do you prefer doing live gigs or do you prefer recording your music?

Czapla:  Well yeah we do have our recordings and we have them online for people to listen to for free, but I prefer doing gigs as it gets people involved in our music a lot more.

Bobbie: I like doing the sort of gigs we're doing now as our name leaves a lot to people's imagination. Since we're not massive yet, like when you go to see a band and you can sort of tell what type of band it's going to be, you can't really tell what we're going to sound like with the name Baby Tooth.

Gee: Once you see the name Baby Tooth you've got to give it a chance as it entices you and once you give it that chance, there's no going back.

Since you've been gigging, what are your worst and best gigs you've had together? 

Bobbie: There was this time playing Cottingham Springboard festival, it was a good line up and a good day to be honest. We had to bring our own amps and stuff but I only had a tacky little bass amp, I mean I've had lunch boxes bigger than it. I get it there and the guy doing the sound said I could just plug my bass straight into the system, I couldn't hear a thing throughout all the gig and then to top it off an amp falls behind me face first and f*cked up all the levels, that was definitely my worst.

Czapla: Humber Street Sesh last year was our best gig. It's done by Mark who puts on a gig every Tuesday night at The Polar Bear down Spring Bank which we've just played, called Sesh and it's a free gig. In August he puts on a little festival, which is quite big now, called 'Humber Street Sesh' which is only three quid to get in.

Danny: We played it last year and it was awesome, quite a few heads came down and it had some class bands playing.

Gee: Hopefully next year we'll get a bigger stage and more exposure. 

What's the most rock and roll thing to happen within Baby Tooth? 

Bobbie: I think this award is one for the drummer.

Danny: I'm not talking about what you're on about Bobby...

Gee: Lets just say it involved a park, we don't need to say anymore.

Czapla: It was a very rock and roll moment, it's all swings and round-a-bouts at the end of the day.

Bobbie: It did involve a swing (laughs).

What's the most embarrassing thing to happen within Baby Tooth? 

Czapla: I've just basically got a bit too drunk, got on stage and not really known what I'm doing.

Bobbie: We've basically just ended up all having a bit too much to drink and being on stage like vegetables, we've learnt our lesson from that though.

You've just played Sesh supporting Ming City Rockers and Mother which are both bands which have just had an incredible 2014, what's the next big thing for Baby Tooth? 

Bobbie: We have an EP Launch in April.

Gee: Nah, that's in May?

Bobbie: Ah right, well in May then. I thought March came after April?

Gee: No Bobby that's May.

Bobbie: Okay well it's May then. Our new EP is called King Of Rats. 

What advice would you give to musicians wanting to start a band? 

Danny: Don't care about getting the best equipment or the most expensive sh*t, just learn to play your instrument, write a few tunes and practice and be on time for practice.

Bobbie: Not like Danny who is always late for practice, these guys would be late for their own f*cking funeral.

What have you got planned 2015 for people who haven't had an opportunity to see you yet?

Danny: We're playing Tramlines festival in Sheffield alongside 'The Buzzcocks' and we're playing in York at the Fulford Arms on the 30th of May.

Alright, Cheers lads and all the best.

Baby Tooth: Cheers man!

From left to right: Gee, Bobby, Danny, Czapla

Facebook: Baby Tooth
Twitter: @Babytoothuk
Soundcloud: babytoothUK


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