A Few Of This Month's Album Releases - February 2015

In no particular order, here are my pick of the albums released this month -

Peace - Happy People - 

Happy People being only Peace's second album, it is a great example of how Peace's fan base has grown over the recent years. The album has peaked at number four in the top 40 which not only is a great thing for Peace but it's also a sign of a prosperous future for the Birmingham band. 

Released: 9th February 2015

label: Columbia

Kodaline - Coming Up For Air -

Kodaline's newest album 'Coming Up For Air' is Kodaline's retaliation to the success of their first album 'In A Perfect World' which had chart success for nine weeks. 'Coming Up For Air' is an album mixed up of slow piano ballads; such as 'Love Will Set You Free', power ballads; such as 'Better' and then you have a Kodaline-styled classic rock-pop radio song with 'Honest'.

Although the album isn't anything spectacular, Kodaline have again released an album that can safely put itself into the charts and gain a mass pop audience. 

Released: 9th February 2015

Label: Sony

H Hawkline - In The Pink Of Condition -

H Hawkline's 'In The Pink Of Condition' is a collection of strange, mesmeric pop, guaranteed to hypnotise and make you lose yourself in Huw Evans distinctive vocals.

This being H Hawkline's first album released whilst being signed, it is a start of a new era for Huw and a big step for his career.

Songs on the album that I'd recommend the most on the album are: 'Everybody's On The Line' and 'Moons In My Mirror'.

Released: 2nd February 2015

label: Heavenly

Carl Barat And The Jackals - Let It Reign -

'Let It reign' is Carl Barat And The Jackals debut album and what a class debut album it is. 
After releasing 'Glory Days' previous to the album you could tell that in comparison to Carl's solo album he released in 2010 it was going to be a much more rocky album with a lot more grit.

The initial idea of a band being put together through audition is an idea that many would look at with skeptic eyes, but after listening to the album with an open mind you will not be disappointed. Although people are looking at Carl Barat And The Jackals as just something to fill the time between Libertines projects, 'Let It Reign' shows that The Jackals are much, much more than that.

Released: 16th February 2015

Label: Cooking Vinyl


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