The Wired

From Pulp to Arctic Monkeys, Sheffield are never short of producing quality music and on the scene at the minute is the new indie band The Wired.  

After jumping on to the music scene that Sheffield has in June 2014, they have played and headlined sold out gigs around Sheffield. The Wired, after becoming a well known band within the local gig-goers in Sheffield, are well on their way to making a real impact. On the 14th Of March 2015, The Wired will be playing a sold out gig at The Leadmill supporting The SSS. The gig sold out in three days and just from looking at The Wired's twitter you can see that The Wired's sizable fan base have definitely assisted a substantial amount towards the gig's sell-out. 

Most bands when trying to do a slower song they end up losing their identity in the way that they can quite easily go off course. Although it could be a good song, they could be completely different in style and subsequently not attracting the same audiences. However, The Wired with their song 'Don't Settle For Second' they have created a slow paced indie ballad but have kept a slight reverb on the vocals (which is quite apparent in their song 'What Are We Doing With Our  Lives?') and also the same effects on the guitar riffs, keeping the same sound and therefor creating an identity that is helping them build such a profound fan base which has evidently helped them grow in such quick progression from June 2014 to now. Their other song 'What Are We Doing With Our Lives?' is an upbeat, dance-along song, packed with catchy guitar riffs and vocals filled to the brim with hypnotising reverb. Once you listen to both of them you will understand what I mean if you don't already.

Just to reiterate, the upcoming gig at The Leadmill, Sheffield is on the 14th March 2015. If you've got a ticket, well done for getting it within those three days they were available for before they sold out and if not, The Wired are set to do a UK tour this summer so if they are coming to a city near you get yourself down and I can guarantee you wont be disappointed with them.

Twitter: @_thewired 
Facebook: The Wired


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