A Few Of This Month's Album Releases - January 2015

In no particular order, here are my pick of the albums released this month -

The Dodos - Individ
After being together for ten years, 'Individ' is The Dodos' sixth album. After quite an emotional year for The Dodos after one member losing his father and the band losing their long time touring guitarist, Individ is their darkest Album to date which is signified with prolonged distortion and strong, heartfelt vocals. 

Although the album is quite a difference to their earlier works, Individ is an album which is easier to lose yourself in and an album you have to listen to, rather than just hear it.

Released: 27th January 2015
Label: Polyvinyl 

Enter Shikari - Mindsweep
After a long enough wait Shikari have blessed us with a new album, although it was a highly anticipated wait it is debatable of whether 'Mindsweep' is more of a curse than a blessing. Track to track it's hard to see where Shikari were wanting to go with this album. They still have their trademark breaks within their songs from melodic to all out mosh-pit style crunch, but it seems in 'Mindsweep' they were just making songs for the sense of making them.

In Shikari's older work they always portrayed themselves as political activists to try and enthuse today's stoic generation. However, it feels in 'Mindsweep' Shikari have forgotten what they stand for and there's no conviction within the album and after such high hopes for 'Mindsweep' from having high regards for their old albums, it leaves me wondering what the future holds for Shikari and whether their heyday is behind them.

Released: 19th January 2015
Label: Hopeless / Ambush Reality

Joey Bada$$ - B4.DA.$$
Joey Bada$$ is easily the best rapper of this generation. After his first mixtape '1999' was critically acclaimed for it's 1980/1990's Golden Age style and his second release 'Rejex', two years later we finally have a debut Joey Bada$$ album. 

I'm not particularly a fan of modern Hip-Hop or Rap but Joey Bada$$ takes us right back to the Tupac days with his old soul style and pure Hip Hop beats that Tupac and old school N.W.A were iconic for and at the young age of 20, Joey is paving the way for a new golden era in east coast Hip-Hop.

On B4.DA.$$ or 'before the money', Joey bases a lot of his tracks featured on the album about his times before he hit big, or what it would be like if he didn't have the money now. With tracks such as 'Paper Trail$' talking about the money culture he grew up in and then tracks such as 'no.99' to talk about modern racial discrimination and the fact that people are still getting targeted purely for being black, it is an album that track after track is based on issues of 21st century hood culture rather than the mindless Hip-Hop that artists, without mentioning any names, just talk about smoking weed and 'f*cking b*tches'. B4.DA.$$ really is a revival of quality, meaningful Hip-Hop.

Released: 20th January 2015 
Label: Cinematic, Pro Era‚ Relentless, RED

Petite Noir - The King Of Anxiety EP
Petit Noir is something so distinctive that is stands apart from anything you'll ever hear. From starting out singing in a choir in South Africa to then joining a metal band to having influences such as Kanye West, Petit Noir has created a mix of genres that he self describes as 'noir-wave', a mix of both new wave and South African influence. 

Petit Noir's most stand out feature is his vocals, within the slow, sleek instrumental parts of his music, often accompanied by synth, over lays Noir's deep vocals that have been used to create such an iconic, memorable style, slightly reminiscent of 'Bloc Party'. No matter what your musical preference this is definitely an album I'd recommend to check out.

Released: 19th January 2015
Label: Domino

Fall Out Boy - American Beauty/American Psycho
If your after some good old fashioned nostalgia and if you were like any other twelve year old that listened to Fall Out Boy then this album is definitely right down your street.

While it's easy to say that if you mixed both 'Infinity On High' and 'American Beauty/American Psycho' it would be hard to tell the eight year difference between the two albums, it's also easy to say that Fall Out Boy have kept emo-pop alive and released album after album of classic songs with whirling guitar riffs and timeless vocals. 

After fans had a four year wait for a new album in 'Save Rock And Roll', Fall Out Boy have not messed around in waiting less than a year for this album. Normally when bands release albums back to back the second album sounds rushed but not with Fall Out Boy, I think they have been working on this album a lot longer than they lead people to believe, either that or they have been working day and night to perfect this album as it definitely doesn't sound like this album would only take a year to conduct. 

Released: 20th January 2015
Label: Island 

Other Albums This Month Worth A  Listen:
- Sleater-Kinney - No Cities to Love
- The Charlatans - Modern Nature


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