Poor Frisco

Straight out of East Kilbride, Poor Frisco have emerged from the suburbs and should soon become one of the bands to know in Scotland if the music scene up there makes any sense. After featuring in Ravechild's top ten EP's of 2014 with their debut EP 'Swim' and after releasing two further EPs, Poor Frisco are due to release their new track 'A Tick Ahead' on Tuesday the 20th January 2015. 'A Tick Ahead' is their first single from their upcoming debut album and is being released for free download, also if you're in the area they are having a free single launch at Bar Bloc venue in Glasgow.

Poor Frisco's influences are bands such as The Pixies and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Within their tracks you can sense their influences  from their heavy drums and their 90's punk-like guitar riffs. Along with their heavily enjoyable and catchy riffs you also have the addition of the raw, heavy vocal line with that distinctive Glaswegian accent which has become standardized to Scottish bands; Biffy Clyro and Twin Atlantic for example. The combination between the vocals and the instrumental creates a sound that gives Poor Frisco an edge over other small bands and it makes Poor Frisco a band that definitely should not go unnoticed. 

Poor Frisco are never short of new music. After forming in 2011, Poor Frisco have released three EPs; 'Swim' 'Poor Frisco' and 'Ghosts. After 'Swim' being more of an indie rock genre based EP, Poor Frisco decided to change their sound to the pop/punk sound similar to that of the sound The Pixies made famous in the 90's. This change was a good choice for Poor Frisco, although 'Swim' is an undeniably as there's too many indie bands now that are, ironically, not indie anymore. With the genre that Poor Frisco have incorporated into their more recent releases it makes them a band that stands out from the rest. 

If you're a fan of fuzzy, distorted guitar riffs, heavy drums and powerful vocals, get on to Poor Frisco's new single. I'll put a link to the download on my twitter @GoodOldDays_UK. For now though however, the band can be found on SoundCloud, BandCamp and amazingtunes.com, links below:



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