Who The F*ck Is Paul McCartney?

Recently, Kanye West has allowed newcomer Paul McCartney feature on a song. Thanks to Kanye's generosity, Paul McCartney now has a future in the music industry. The question is however, who is Paul McCartney and why has he being allowed to collaborate with the musical genius that is Kanye West?

Paul McCartney, The Beginning - 

In 1957, John Lennon was underway with his first band 'The Quarrymen'. On the 6th of July at St. Peter's church, Paul McCartney and John Lennon are introduced, Paul showed John his skill on guitar and because of his talent John invited him to join The Quarrymen and so at the tender age of 15, Paul McCartney's music career began. 

In 1960, The Quarrymen had changed their name to The Beatles. For the next three years The Beatles were building a reputation, playing clubs in Liverpool and in Hamburg, Germany. 

The Beatles Days - 
In 1962, The Beatles signed with Virgin EMI records, this was obviously a big deal and was truly the beginning of The Beatles phenomenon. 

In 1964, The Beatles were riding high and Paul McCartney's career was well underway. McCartney  was also writing songs for other bands, one of which was "World Without Love" by Peter and Gordon, the song later reached Number One in the US charts. 

In 1969, rumours started circulating that Paul McCartney was dead, these rumours spread due to conspiracy theorists apparently finding clues
throughout The Beatles' album covers and lyrics. In response to what was known as the 'Paul is dead' hoax, McCartney appears in the public eye again from his seclusion in Scotland, his comments towards the hoax were "rumours of my death and greatly exaggerated". 

Life After The Beatles - 
In 1970, Paul McCartney officially announces his break with The Beatles. He made the statement via a typed statement along with copies of his solo album. This was the start of Paul McCartney going it alone and starting a future without The Beatles. 

In 1971, Paul releases news of his new band 'Wings' to the public. Wings became very popular in the years to come with many of their songs getting into both UK and US charts. 'Band On The Run' hit the top of the US charts and remained there for four weeks, 'Wings At The Speed Of Sound' was also the top of the US charts and was there for seven weeks.

Paul McCartney's song from his solo work 'Mull Of Kintyre' (which was originally a B-side) topped the UK charts for nine weeks, toppling The Beatles 'She Loves You' as the best-selling UK single of all time. In 1982, Paul McCartney's 'Ebony And Ivory' featuring Stevie Wonder, produced by Beatles producer George Martin topped the UK singles chart for seven weeks.

In 1985, Paul McCartney closes the Live Aid Benefit concert at Wembley Stadium with 'Let It Be'.

McCartney has been given numerous awards in his lifetime due to his contribution to music. Two awards that stand out the most are The Lifetime Achievement Award which was awarded to him in 1990 at the Grammy Awards in LA. The second award that stands out in his career was at the fourteenth annual induction dinner, 1999, where McCartney was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

So there you have it, Paul McCartney. This man has influenced music over the past fifty years more than you could imagine. At the age of 72, he's still going strong and I don't see him fading into the musical shadows for the foreseeable future. Paul McCartney is also a very generous man, allowing artists such as Kanye West to collaborate with such a living legend.

To conclude, Kanye West's new song is called 'Only One' and to be honest, the story behind the song is touching. It's about his new daughter North and also acceptance of his mother's death. This article is in no way to slate Kanye West...although he is a bit of a d*ck.

More information on the collaboration here: Paul McCartney & Kanye West


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