January In Music - The Last Ten Years

This is just a pick of musical events that have happened in January over the last ten years.

2005 - 
On January the 2nd 2005, The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff held the Tsunami Relief Concert. Some of the performers included were Eric Clapton, Jools Holland, Manic Street Preachers, Feeder, Snow Patrol. It was the biggest concert held in the UK since Live Aid in 1985.

2006 - 
On January the 31st 2006 'Champion', an American hardcore punk band announced they were breaking up but scheduled a final show in May.

Another band that split On January the 16th 2006, were Transplants. Their front-man announced that they had split shortly after their autumn tour cancelled. 

2007 - 
In January 2007, The Police announced they will perform at the opening of the 49th annual Grammy Awards. This was in response to rumours that they would reunite for the 30th anniversary of the release of 'Roxanne'. After their reunion at the Grammy Awards they announced 'The Police Reunion Tour'.

2008 - 
Rage Against The Machine headline the 'Big Day Out' festival in Australia and New Zealand. These were their first shows outside the US since reforming and their first time playing in Australia in 12 years. 

2009 - 
On January the 18th 2009, An inaugural concert at The Lincoln Memorial was held for Barack Obama called 'We Are One'. Some of the performers included Bruce Springsteen, U2, James Taylor and Stevie Wonder.

2010 - 
On January the 24th 2010, Radiohead plays a benefit show for Haiti. They raised $572, 754 for Oxfam.

2011 - 
On October the 18th 2011, Ian Brown, John Squire, Mani and Reni announce the reformation of the Stone Roses.

2012 - 
On the 4th of June 2012, a Diamond Jubilee Concert is held. It was organised by BBC Events, some of the performers included: Gary Barlow, Shirley Bassey, Cliff Richard and Stevie Wonder.

2013 - 
On the 18th of December 2013, former Lostprophets lead singer Ian Watkins is sentenced to 29 years in prison after pleading guilty to thirteen child sexual offences, and good riddance. 

2014 - 
On the 10th of May a judge rules that a music industry investment scheme in which Gary Barlow and other members of Take That were invested in was set up for the purpose of avoiding tax. All involved in the scheme are being pursued to repay the taxes they avoided.


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