The Vryll Society - Interview Live At Leeds 2015.

At Live At Leeds 2015 I managed to catch up with Liverpool band 'The Vryll Society'. After coming on to the scene not too long ago, The Vryll Society are making a name for themselves and are playing numerous festivals this year so be sure to keep an eye out for them. 

Interview starts: 

What are your names and positions in the band? 

Mike Ellis: Vocals.

Lloyd Shearer: Bass. 

Where does the name 'Vryll Society' come from?

Mike: it's a society in Nazi Germany of mediums who were trying to contact aliens, we thought it sounded quite subversive so we thought we'll have that.

When did the band start?

Mike: About two years ago?

Lloyd: Yeah about two years ago.

How would you define your genre?

Mike: There's loads of different genres within what we do so there's not really a catchy word to describe us and sum us up, we leave that to people like you to come up with a nifty word. we're like a mixture of Psychedelia, Funk, Kraut Rock just a mixture.

How has the band developed since you started?

Mike: We sort of spent the first fifteen months just getting prepared so because of that we've not really changed as a band, just more prepared.

Lloyd: We got everything prepared for us before we started the job.

Mike: I think our music has got a bit more minimalist, we're getting less and less chords like some songs will just be one chord all the way through but loads going off of that chord.

Lloyd: It's getting a bit more intricate.

How's a Yorkshire crowd in comparison to anywhere else you've played?

Mike: We haven't played many gigs in Yorkshire but they seem as lively as they are back home.

Lloyd: We enjoyed it.

mike: There as up for it as everywhere else. Northern people man so they're good people, the right people.

Lloyd: [Laughs]

As a band what has been your biggest challenge?

Mike: I think it was the initial getting us together, the playing is the easy bit.

Lloyd: It's the behind the scenes that's the hard part, the time and effort needed to get it together.

Mike: The time it all takes is the hard part as you run out of time for family and friends but it's worth it like.

Where's the best venue you've ever played?

Lloyd: Probably the The Kazimier in Liverpool, I mean we've played venues everywhere that have been good but The Kazimier has been our favourite, one hundred percent. 

Where's been the biggest crowd you've had? 

Mike: Probably that one we've just had.

Lloyd: Or when we supported Peace at The Kazimier?

Mike: Oh yeah that one did sell out so yeah, at The Kazimier with Peace was our biggest crowd. 

Have you ever been starstruck with anyone you've met through the band? 

Mike: We met Liam Gallagher as a band, then I was pretty starstruck because I really didn't know what to say, like what do you say to Liam Gallagher? We just ended up talking about football to be honest, it was a mutual ground although he ended up not liking me because I supported Everton but he loved Lloyd because Lloyd's a Liverpool supporter. 

Have you got used to playing to bigger and bigger crowds? 

Mike: To be honest you kind of can't see them anyway because it's dark which is probably better.

Lloyd: You can only see when you're coming off the stage how many people are actually there in front watching you.

What's the craziest thing to happen at a gig you've played? 

Lloyd: Probably today! [Laughs].

Mike: One of our mates we brought with us drank a whole bottle of whisky before he turned up and decided to throw a George best.

Lloyd: he passed out just over there on that grass, people have just been taking pictures with him [Laughs].

Mike: So yeah probably that [Laughs].

What advice do you give to bands starting out? 

Mike: Work hard, work your balls off because nobody is going to do you any favours. Unless of course you're Johnny Marr's son like that guy in there. 

[Tom Ogden From Blossoms decided to join the interview

Mike to Tom: The question was have you got any advice to new bands starting out? 

Tom: Always wear a condom. 

Mike: Always wear two condoms.

Who else are you going to see today? 

Mike: We are off to see Blossoms right about now who are awesome by the way so that should be good. 

Well it was great to meet you and enjoy the rest of your day.

Mike: Yeah you too mate.

Twitter: @TheVryllSociety

Facebook: TheVryllSociety

Soundcloud: the-vryll-society


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