A Few Of This Month's Album Releases - December 2014

In no particular order, here are my pick of the albums released this month -

Bonobo – Flashlight EP
In Bonobo's new EP they do what they do best, transport you to the 5th dimension with their house awesomeness. I have only recently started listening to Bonobo shortly before this album came out and after listening to all their albums to date, I have to say 'Flashlight' in my opinion is his best yet.

Released: 1st December 2014
Label: Ninja Tune

Los Campesinos! - A Los Campesinos! Christmas
For Los Campesinos! Most recent release they've kept up their energy levels that they're known for in a much needed new indie Christmas album. Although in their track 'When Christmas Comes' I did notice that they had used the same riff that they used in 'You! Me! Dancing!', I suppose it is okay if it is just for a Christmas album, However it was a little disappointing to notice. On the other hand however, the rest of the album is an album very much needed for an escapism from the normal Christmas playlist boll*cks.

One of the greatest things about this album is the difference between the tracks; it’s not like most albums where it’s all the same speed and the same sort of vibe. For example, with ‘A Doe To A Deer’ it’s an energetic, makes you want to dance about song and then you have ‘The Holly And The Ivy’ which is a much more slower song with more of an ‘Alt J’ vibe and reminds me a lot of ‘Left Hand Free’.

Released: 8th December 2014
Label: Turnstile

Trash Kit – Confidence
Sounding like a group of teenagers in north London who got together and decided to play along and see what they made, they’ve actually created quite a unique album. With a mixture of early ‘Bombay Bicycle Club’ riffs along with very unique vocals, the all-girl group have definitely got themselves involved in the start of the girl group invasion of the indie scene with other bands such as ‘Deers’ also leading the way to a quite girl group predominant 2015. Two all-girl groups don’t seem many but in the last few years there certainly hasn’t been a lot of them so maybe 2015 is their year?

Released: 15th December 2014
Label: Upset The Rhythm  

Bosco Rogers - Googoo EP
If you're in the mood for some fast paced, indie-pop then if I were you I'd definitely get a listen of Bosco Rogers EP. Although short, it is a really good EP and a sign of good things to come from Bosco Rogers. In their music video for the track Googoo you can sense the energy that Bosco Rogers put into their music and I have a feeling they would be a really good band to see live if I ever get the chance. 

I'm looking forward for things to come from this band and their Googoo EP is definitely worth a listen.

Released: 15th December 2014
Label: Bleep Machine


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