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It seems like this time every year we all have to endure Mariah Carey, Band Aid, Rod Stewart and in the more recent years, the Christmas wonder that is Michael Buble. I've decided, in the world of musical blogging, to generically create my own list of non-chart Christmas songs to help you break away from the mainstream Christmas playlist.

In no particular order, here is my 'top 8, out of the charts' Christmas songs:

Bob Dylan - It Must Be Santa -
With this Christmas song by Bob Dylan it's one to get you going on the morning of Christmas. Presumably it's one for the kids but it's actually a really feel good song. If you're not in a Christmas mood yet get this track on and you'll be wearing a Santa hat and drinking port by the pint before you know it. 

The Ramones - merry Christmas (I don't want to fight this year) -
If you're after a punk Christmas, The Ramones have you covered. Written in classic Joey Ramone Style and was the last release featuring Dee Dee Ramone. 

The song originally released as a B-side to I Want To Live, it wasn't really known at the time of release because of the failure of I Want To Live. However, it has rekindled itself since the demise of The Ramones. 

The kinks - Father Christmas -
The Kinks do what they do best in this song, create awesome happy music. Although the song does stick with the working class Stoicism that The Kinks based their songs around, it's still a song that gets you in a Christmas mood, even if it does make you 'remember the kids who got nothin' While you're drinkin' down your wine'.

The Beatles - Christmas time is here again - 
Sounds like every Beatles song, ever. But if you're a fan of The Beatles and a fan of Christmas, it's pretty much the best combination of the two you can find, adding a bit of 60's to your Christmas. If you wait long enough you also get a special message from each individual Beatle.

Tom Waits - Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis - 
Not particularly a family Christmas song but a Christmas song never the less. Basically the same message as 'Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas Time' which is to think of other people at Christmas, just Tom Waits does it a little less subtley. The song is about a lady of the night sending a Christmas card to a past boyfriend/customer.

Julian Casablancas - I Wish It Was Christmas Today - 
Originally written for SNL (Saturday night live) Julian Casablancas makes his own take on the song and created an awesome Strokes-esque indie Christmas classic.

Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas  - 
Adding a bit of Elvis love to your Christmas an absolute classic that definitely should have more recognition than it does. Blue Christmas is such a Presley classic and off of his Christmas album I think it's the best one on there. Definitely one to enjoy by the fire with a drink.  

Louis Armstrong - Zat You Santa Claus? -
A song that personally, I can't stop playing. If you haven't heard it, imagine Louis Armstrong singing the title and that's pretty much the song. A song that both children and adults should love and adds a bit of swing to you Christmas.


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