Libertines sign new record deal with virgin EMI

After forming in 1997, The Libertines have become one of the most influential bands to date as well as creating one of the most dedicated fan-followings in music.  Whilst being together from 1997 to their split in 2004 the band released two albums with Rough Trade Records, Up The Bracket and their self titled album, The Libertines. NME named Up The Bracket in the top 10 of 'The Best British Album Ever' list. It was a revival of the British rock scene and was quite clearly the start of a new era, that nobody anticipated to be quite as big as it was.

Since their split Carl Barat, Peter Doherty, Gary Powell, and  John Hassall have all been in different bands, but none of them particularly lived up to the British rock phenomenon that was The Libertines. Myself being only nineteen, I never really got the opportunity to see The Libertines in their so called glory days, and I never thought I'd ever have the chance. The Libertines have been my biggest influence in music, in both making me want to start playing guitar, my music taste and also the way I see music as a whole, so when they announced a reunion it was obviously a dream come true for me.

 After playing Hyde Park BST in July 2014, headlining Benicassim festival and having a three night headline slot at Alexandra Palace, The Good Ship Albion has set it's course and The Libertines are once more. As of the 6th December 2014 The Libertines have signed a new Record contract with Virgin EMI, plans for a new album are underway and a new generation of Libertines are in sight.

Although The Libertines are now older, with that, they have also become wiser. Without Peter Doherty's drug addiction it seems he now has more focus for the band and since the split, Carl and Pete's relationship seems to be at new levels and so the power and presence of the two front men will now be better than ever. This is a new era for The Libertines and I can honestly say, I am very much looking forward to what is to come from The Libertines and I have very little doubt it will disappoint. Maybe this is the glory days of The Libertines and what we have seen already was just the beginning? The only way I can think to end it on is (in the words of Carl Barat and Peter Doherty) 'These are the Good Old Days'.

Further information on the signing can be found on the NME website:


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