A Few Of This Month's Album Releases - November 2014

In no particular order, here are my pick of the albums released this month -

Frank Turner  - The Third Three Years
Being a play on his album 'The First Three Years', this is quite a sentimental album for both Frank, and his fans. Still sticking with the Folk sound that Turner has adopted for himself it is a really nice album and gives you that relaxing/uplifting feeling that makes you feel like all is not lost.

The majority of the Album being made up of covers, it has a mixture of greatness, and average. An example of the great in the album is the practice of Frank's stripped back songs that he does just with his acoustic ( a great stripped back song on this album being one of his old Album 'Tape Deck Heart' - 'The Way I Tend To Be'). an example of the average is his cover of Queen's 'Somebody To Love' which isn't particularly bad, but not particularly great either.

I am a big admirer of Frank Turner and his music, having seen him twice, he has never disappointed  me. Even though a couple of songs on this album aren't really my favourite songs in the world, there are a lot of tracks on here that I do really like, and it is an album I'd recommend to anybody. Folk fans or not.

Released: 24th November 2014
Label: Xtra Mile Records

Knife Party - Abandon Ship
This being Knife Party's first album release, they've definitely not set out to disappoint. Starting out with a build up/introductory track to get you in the mood for the electric madness to come, they made the album seem more like one massive mix rather than different tracks. However, they've done it that well, it is quite easy to just sit and get lost in the 56 minutes of the Australian band's invasion of the electro/dubstep Genre.

If you are into electro/dubstep it is definitely an album I'd recommend, and if you're not into that genre this may well be the album to sway you towards it. Worth a listen and definitely a musical journey worth taking.

Released: 24th November 2014
Label: Big Beat Records

Kid Wave - Gloom EP
Coming from the same label as Temples,The Wytches and Toy, you've got to give the label some credit for consistency in releasing great music.

This being Kid Wave's debut EP, they've set themselves off to a great start. Not particularly sticking with the label's seemingly psychedelic theme, they've gone towards the indie-pop route sounding a bit like Haim and Torches. Even though they're not going down the psychedelic route, Kid Wave has done indie-pop justice and breathes new life into the ever growing indie genre. Only including 4 songs, it definitely leaves you wanting more and wondering when they're going to release an album.

Released: 24th November 2014
Label: Heavenly Recordings

Superfood - Don't Say That
The long awaited Superfood debut is finally here, if you haven't heard Superfood before you're in for a funky treat. Superfood are seriously some of the nicest people in music I've met and well worth having a drink with. After touring for a couple of years, and supporting Wolf Alice on their tour, they've left a lot of music hungry fans waiting for this album, and they have made the wait well worth it.

The band make their music worth the listen as you can hear not only the dedication put into their music but, also the fun they put into it. Having met the band myself and seeing the band live, I can 100 percent confirm that they are the most worthy of people in terms of personality and dedication  to release such an awesome album.

With tracks such as Superfood (which the band get their name from) based around a stoner's search for food when the munchies strike to tracks such as TV which has more of a moral meaning of a switched on society where technology is a necessity. How Superfood can not only portray a message in their music, but also have a song about the munchies, is pretty much the best sum-up of what kind of guys they are.

Released: 3rd November 2014
Label: Infectious

Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways
Two words - f*cking unreal. Some people are saying they're disappointed with Foo Fighter's new Album as it wasn't as good as their last Album 'Wasting Light' but come on, that album was awesome and close to impossible to try and get better than that.

The only thing with Sonic Highways is that it's basically the same as it always has been. Only difference being is that there's a bit more growl in Grohl's voice. More growl in Grohl. Even though Dave Grohl said after 'Wasting Light' that he now has a licence 'to get weird' he still stuck to the same as he always has with Foo Fighters. I however, like the old style of Foo Fighters, so I have nothing personally to complain about when it comes to Grohl sticking to the same style, it just feels like one massive awesome album.

I think the story behind Sonic Highways is awesome and the journey the Foo's have taken to record the album. The foo Fighter's travelled across America recording a single in each meaningful city. From LA, to Seattle, to Nevada, to Washington, they did it all.  Being this the Foo Fighter's eighth album, they haven't yet released an album I haven't enjoyed. If you're a fan of the Foo's then you've probably already heard this album but if not, what are you playing at?? If you're not particularly a fan of the Foo Fighter's or just haven't really listened to them, I'd recommend just sitting and listening to the album before you label it as ' just another Foo Fighter album'. I'd also recommend reading up  on the album and finding out where they recorded each track, and see if you can hear the influences from the different cities in their music.

Released: 10th November 2014
Label: RCA Records

Pink Floyd - The Endless River
Although I am a massive Floyd fan, I don't really know what to think of this album. Whether it's that Floyd have ran out of ideas or ran out of time, it feels like this Album is just the same music as before, but just not as good.

I enjoy the album, don't get me wrong, but if I had a choice between this and 'Wish You Were Here' or 'The Wall', I'd pick their older albums without hesitation.

There is the old essence of the Floyd in this Album but, rather than it seeming like a new Album from Pink Floyd, it feels like they have just grabbed all the out-takes that weren't good enough for their previous albums and they've put them in a bin which has been named 'The Endless River'. It is a good bin however, not that the album isn't listen-able, just not as enjoyable as their old stuff.

Bit of a disappointment from Pink Floyd and a great example of 'don't believe the hype'.

Released: 10th November 2014
Label: Parlophone Records, Columbia Records

Temples - Sun Restructured 
This is a 'reconstructed' version of Temples debut album 'Sun Structures' which Temples put in the hands of a couple of production people that make up 'Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve'.

Temples first album was home-produced by James Bagshaw (Temples) and to be honest, he did a good job of it. However this new 'remastered' version of the album sounds like it's been wiped out of Bagshaw's previous work, with extended tracks, added fuzz and bass. Creating a brand new album by adding complete psychedelia to the album making some of the tracks rival their old counterparts.

Released: 17th November 2014
Label: Heavenly Records


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