Leeds & Reading 2015 Announced And Possible Headliners 2015

The first acts have been announced for Leeds & Reading 2015. Metallica have been named as the first Headliner, it is also their first UK festival. Other acts announced are Jamie T, Pierce The Veil, Wilkinson Live, Refused, Run The Jewels, and Manchester Orchestra.

In this post I'm going to try and guess the next Headliners for the festival and explain my reasons why. 

Foo Fighters - 

Having played the festival in 2012 and having it been such a success, I can't think of any reason they shouldn't play it next year. The Foo Fighter's are in the UK for a May-June tour playing 5 different venues, Wembley twice. Leeds nor Reading however, isn't one of the destinations, so seems fitting for them to play at the Festival? 

Bearing in mind they have just released a new Album 'Sonic Highways', playing Leeds & Reading would be a great place for them to promote their new Album, and of course having played it in 2012, they know they'd be welcomed with open arms, so why not? 

The Strokes - 

Since The Strokes last played Leeds & Reading in 2011, they have released a new album 'Comedown Machine' and have played The Governors Ball. having never actually solo headlined Reading And Leeds (They co-headlined 2011 with Pulp), I think it's about time for them to do so. 

Oasis -
Bit of an odd one, but they are a favourite to headline and I suppose why not. Oasis are due for a comeback gig, and there have been talks about a reunion since Noel and Liam have forgotten what they fell out for in the first place, and what better place for a comeback than Leeds & Reading?

The Libertines -  

The Libertines this year have reformed, and in great fashion. Having the great ship Albion set it's sails again at Barrowlands, Hyde Park and Alexandra Palace (and after going to Alexandra Palace and Hyde Park I can tell you they bossed it) they are well up on the top of my list to headline. 

Unfortunately however, (just because I don't have a ticket)  there are rumours that they are likely to headline Glastonbury in 2015, so the prospect of them headlining Leeds & Reading doesn't seem likely, but one can stay hopeful.

Bit of a wildcard but with all the issues ACDC have been having over the last year, they're not a band I would completely rule out. With the guitarist quitting and the drummer losing his mind a little bit, it could be the last time they will be able to play a major UK festival. 

Although ACDC would be more suited for Download rather than L&R, the headliners have already been confirmed for Download, making L&R looking a lot more likely if they were to play.


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