Happy Daggers Interview - Live At Leeds 2013

This is an interview I got from Live At Leeds 2013 with a band called ‘Happy Daggers’. At the time of the interview they had just finished their set and still had that boyish, stage-adrenaline attitude.

Interview start:

John: I'm from Leeds.

Tom: I'm from Northwich, but they all think I'm from Manchester because of my accent.

John: We all live in Leeds now anyway!

First of all, how do you think your set went? 

J: Yeah it was good man! Really good, it started out like us sort of sound checking and the audience was a little bit thin but then when we came up on stage and started it was heaving! It was really good. There were people right down to the front, and right down to the back.

T: We did a little of the cuff, we had some CD's with a little QR code, because we're technological, people obviously use these QR codes and sort of appear, in star trek-fashion at the venue.

J: We did try and promote ourselves obviously, we're not signed and not massively well known in the area and not really well known as a band really so we got a load of CD's printed up with a thing saying 'If found please return to Cockpit two at three o'clock' and we just spent the whole morning throwing them out, and anyone found with an orange wrist band was getting one of these. It seemed to work!

So, for people that don't know you and your band, how would you describe yourselves? 

J: Ermm, an indie rock and soul disco!

An indie rock and soul disco? 

J: That's how we'd go it!

T: We come from rocky-backgrounds I suppose, each of us, and we enjoy listening to indie music. Well not just indie music, we like soul and disco as well. So what we've said to ourselves is that if we're writing a song, I'll write a song, Sinclair will write a song, and just sort of put it together the best we can. Because we all like different types of music, so as a group we've all gone for a genre to aim for. We're not as good as earth, wind and fire but we're aiming for that kind of-

J: -The disco manifesto! That’s what we've laid down. If something we did sounded too indie, we'd put it through the disco manifesto! There’s not enough disco music and you can't help dancing to disco music, so that's what we're going for.

T: Just to create good times all around, unlike the sh*t times the governments putting us through, so it's two fingers up, we're still going to have a good time!

J: We just want to create songs people can know the words too, sing along and have a good time, that's what we're all about!

Any plans for the near future? 

J: We've got our new EP 'Reverse, Rewind' which is available on ITunes, Amazon and Spotify, and we're recording a new EP with Lunar Studios at the end of May! We just want to keep putting music out there! We just want to see how it goes. We're not rolling in it yet, the rest of the lads are teachers but I won’t say what I do because it will put people off straight away! (Laughs)

T: He's not a traffic warden, just to be point that one out.

So what do you do then, you've got to tell now.

J: I might work for a financial institution...

T: Let’s just say it rhymes with Harkleys!

J: But, all we live for is to get through the day and perform to people, that's what we love doing.

How would you describe the audience of LAL 2013? 

J: A great audience! Best we've had in ages, last time we had an audience like that was when we played with The Milk at the Cockpit when they toured last, and that was a sell out gig. To play the Cockpit, when it was as packed as that sell out gig, and everyone was there, whether they were there to see us if they found our CD's or walked in accidentally, either way the reception was really good. It was nice because we play what we want to play and to get a reception like we did, makes us feel like we're doing something right!

T: To make a good audience we need one that doesn't give a sh*t! And that is a Leeds audience, so we need them to be attentive, but mental.

J: That's a good audience! (Laughs) attentive, but mental.

Any festivals planned for later this year? 

J: We're playing soul fest, in august, in Cumbria, and I think the Undertones are headlining our stage-

T: And we're headlining Glastonbury-

J: That's a lie! (Laughs) we tried, but we got soul fest and a few other things as well, so still going to be an amazing summer- but anyway, I feel like I've talked too much, please ask Tom a question, I've talked too much.

T: Last time we did an interview we took the p*ss out of John because he talks so much during interviews.

Okay, so last question, five years, where do you want to be? 

T: In five years? I want three albums, international, and they've all gone down really well-

J: Optimistic Tom? (Laughs)

T: I've got to that Sting stage in my career where I take crazy drugs and try and find out about my ancestors...it's a lot in five years, but I'm getting on a bit now!

Well thanks very much guys, and good luck in the future! 

T: Yeah, cheers!

 Happy Daggers (@HappyDaggers) 

You can check the band out online on YouTube, they’re available on ITunes and available to stream on Spotify.


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