The 1975's Matt Healy Interview - Live At Leeds 2013

While at Live At Leeds 2013 I got to catch The 1975’s Matt Healy. Due to his busy schedule however, I only had a short time with him.

The 1975 are a four piece band formed in Manchester. 

Interview start:

So how do you think the performance went? 

Matt: It was good fun, it's hard when you turn up and do festivals and stuff, because you don't get a sound-check so you've sort of got to leave your heart in the hands of somebody who you've never met before, but it was really good fun. Everyone looked like they enjoyed the music, so yeah, really well.

Would you say Leeds is a good audience?

Matt: Yeah Leeds are a great audience, it was a great turnout and it's always great to see a venue like the cockpit fill up, it was an amazing atmosphere. We love Leeds, it's always a good turnout and people are always up for a good time, so yeah we love it.

Have you any festivals lined up this year? 

Matt: Yeah we've got a few actually, obviously we've got Leeds and Reading lined up, which we're very excited about. Wakestock, BBC's Future Festival, Latitude and a few more as well, so yeah, going to be a crazy summer.

Thinking about your song 'Chocolate', how do you feel about how crazy it's gone?

Matt: It is crazy isn't it? We've never really experienced something like this before, so for us to release a song and for it to shoot in the charts, especially since our music isn't chart music. It's great, it makes us feel quite honoured that so many people are listening and enjoying our music. We're really glad too that we're bringing a new type of genre into the charts. We just hope our other songs catch on too.

Any plans for any new music in the near future? 

Matt: Yeah well we keep writing, nothing certain at the moment but we've just sort of released our EP, 'Music for Cars' back end of May. So we're still working on stuff though, and hopefully it won't be too long till we've got another EP out soon.

The 1975 (@the1975) 

You can find on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, anywhere. So check them out if you haven’t already. 


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